Back-to-School - Students & Teachers

Our masks are all hand-made, washable, and comfortable to wear for a long time. Get your back-to-school mask from a retired sewing teacher. Breathable high-quality cottons only. Available in Children & Adult sizes.

Olson Masks

Olson masks are offered in four sizes. The measurements are: WIDTH of face/ LENGTH of face:
Adult Large - 27 cm x 14 cm (11 in x 5 in)
Adult Medium - 25.5 cm x 11 cm (10 in x 41/2 in)
Children Large (6-10 years) - 21cm x 10 cm (8 in x 4 in)
Children Medium (3-5 years) - 20 cm x 10 cm (8 in x 4 in)

3D Masks

This pleated mask fits around your ears. It is lined and covers most of the lower face. It also includes a removable nose wire which allows for a tighter fit and prevents glasses from fogging up.